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The King's Son {Chapter One}

Title: The King's Son
Pairing (s): HenHae, unwanted!KyuRy, ninja!KyuMin
Genre: Romance, angst
Rating: PG - 15 to R
Warning (s): Violence, death, mentions of rape, mentions of depression, mentions of human trafficking, smut 


I woke up to the sun shining on my face. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, trying to get them used to being opened again. Once my vision cleared up, I looked at the clock: nine a.m. I let out another yawned and got up, my bare feet taking in the feeling of the disgusting carpet. I pulled my boxers up and walked out of my room, heading to the apartment Jiyeon and Chunji shared with seven other kids. I know it's hard to imagine, seven kids in one room? Well, they made it work. I knocked on the door lightly, in case the other kids were still asleep.

Jiyeon opened the door, seeming to have just woken up herself. She gave me a small smile, her eyes half closed.

"Get to the shower now before the others get to it, okay?" She nodded and I kissed her head. She smiled and closed the door softly. I stretched, getting the last bit of sleep out of my body and made my way to our kitchenette. You see, thanks to  the war many people were left homeless. I along with Chunji and Jiyeon lived in one of the apartment buildings that was still remotely livable. The three top floors were destroyed by rebels, and only the second floor was still intact. There were more people than apartments, so we all had to share. Kids were in their own apartment, adults in their own. I hated being seperated from my niece and nephew, but their apartment was next to mine.

Anyway, I walked to the kitchenette and looked in the fridge. Not to my surprise, it was empty. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, looks like we were going to have to steal food again. I hated having to do that. Chunji was only ten, yet he knew how to steal and never get caught. Pretty soon everyone was awake, and there was the usual chaos in the apartment building. People fighting over the last piece of bread, people who have gone insane yelling about nazis, just the usual. I got dressed and knocked on Jiyeon and Chunji's door, this time the boy opened the door.

"Daddy, I don't want to steal today." He frowned and I sighed, knowing that he equally hated stealing.

"ChunChun, we need to steal so we can have something to eat." He looked down and walked out of the apartment, his sister following him. I rubbed his back and we all walked downstairs. We walked outside, my feet feeling odd against the pavement. I couldn't get shoes, not even for Chunji and Jiyeon. All we had were a pair of old pants, a worn shirt, and an old tattered dress for Jiyeon. We also had jackets with slits cut inside to put the things we stole in them. I held their hands and we walked to the market. We weren't allowed inside, but we always snuck in and Chunji would steal the fruits and vegetables that were sold outside.

"Okay, ChunChun, steal as many things as you can. Jiyeon and I are going inside."

"Okay, daddy." Chunji scanned around the vegetables and fruits, like a true pro. I took a deep breath and walked inside.

"Hi. Can you help me?" I made sure I hid the slight accent I still had. The clerk glared at me.

"I cannot give you any free food!!!"

"I'm so hungry! My son is starving, he will die!" The clerk and I continued back and forth as Jiyeon made her way inside. I watched her in the corner of my eye as she grabbed anything she could get. Unfortunately, the clerk saw her. 

"Hey stop!" That was our cue. Jiyeon and I ran out the store and I picked up Chunji, running with him. We didn't go back to the apartment, those hungry people would be all over our goods. We went to the bridge we used to sleep under during the war. I put Chunji down and sat next to him and Jiyeon.

"What did you guys get?"

"I got a lot of stuff, but it all fell out when we ran." Chunji pulled out an orange and a zuchinni out of his jacket. I sighed slightly and looked out Jiyeon. She took out a loaf of bread and butter. I sighed again, it was barely enough to last us a day. I peeled the orange for Chunji and spread the butter (with my finger, sadly) on a pice of the bread for Jiyeon. They both ate, savoring it. I decided not to eat, so they would have something for later. This was the third day I went without eating, and it was taking it's toll.

"Let's go back to the apartment building, okay?" They nodded and we got up, walking back to the apartment. As I walked up to the door, a tall man walked out. He was dressed as an officer, I assume he was working under DuMin.

"Are you Henry Lau?" He asked and I held the kids close to me.


"I'm officer Kim Jaejoong, I'd like you to come with me." I took a step back.

"No way. Whatever that snitch clerk told you, I did it because they needed to eat." I gestured to the children who were hugging onto my sides. Jaejoong glanced at them then looked at me.

"You aren't in trouble, I just want you to come with me."

"What about them? I'm not leaving them alone." Jaejoong looked at Chunji and Jiyeon and sighed, returning his attention to me.

"They can come, I'll get them something   to eat as well."

"Where are we going?" I was still uneasy about leaving with him.

"King Lee has summoned you to his palace." I raised an eyebrow. I've been summoned?


ahahaha .. i got headaches finding for this box .. anyway, im really excited for this fic .. please keep going :)) im watching :)
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