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The King's Son {Chapter Three}

Title: The King's Son
Pairing (s): HenHae, unwanted!KyuRy, ninja!KyuMin, side!QMi
Genre: Romance, angst
Rating: PG - 15 to R
Warning (s): Violence, death, mentions of rape, mentions of depression, mentions of human trafficking, smut

{Prologue} {1} {2}

It had been about a week since I came to the palace. Zhou Mi had shown me the ropes, what I could and couldn't do, who I could and couldn't speak to. He also told be about the other princes and exactly what my job was. My main job was to care for the princes, mainly the youngest two: Taemin and Kyuhyun. As if taking care of two princes wasn't hard enough, Zhou Mi told me exactly what I'd be dealing with.

See, there are four princes: Donghae, Kibum, Kyuhyun, and Taemin, Taemin and Donghae being actual sons of King Lee and Kibum and Kyuhyun being 'adopted' sons. Among these four are for completely different personalities, and I had two deal with two of the mischievous princes.

Taemin was the youngest, therefore was influenced a bit too easily. He was was a sweet kid, really; but was at that stage where he was trying  to "find himself". He played pranks and petty jokes, often ran away only to be found days later, pried into other's personal matters, and got himself in trouble with the sharp tongue he learned from his elder brother. But after a long tiring day, he'd apologize for the stress he put us under and would ask for a glass of banana milk and to be tucked in.

Then there was Kyuhyun. He'd definitely found himself, and what he found was rude, snarky, and utterly annoying. He was older than me by a year, but in his eyes he was probably ten years older than me and ten years wiser (of course, that's what he thought). He was a nerd, one who played Starcraft on his laptop all day, except when it was time to eat. He was horny, and was often caught fooling around with a servant named Sungmin (to which I noticed Zhou Mi seriously frowned upon). Also, he was apparently my fiance.

Turns out many of the servants were picked to be potential husbands/wives to the princes (King Lee was fine with having gay sons, and letting them have gay marriages), and I was chosen for Kyuhyun. I wasn't too happy with that, and neither was he.

"Dad, he's like a kid. I'm not marrying him..."

"I'm 21..." I muttered under my breath, but shutting up as Zhou Mi nudged my side.

"Why should I marry him anyway? He's not even good looking!" Kyuhyun went on and on and I fought the urge to kick him in the butt. Finally King Lee shut him up and told him to deal with it, I was his fiance whether he liked it or not. Zhou Mi told me since my responsibility were Taemin and Kyuhyun, I could only interact with them. Therefore I barely saw much of Kibum or Donghae. I never saw Jiyeon or Chunji for that week either, and I hated it. I wanted to see how they were, I wanted to see Jiyeon's giant chocolate eyes that always read my soul, I wanted to hear Chunji's adorable lisp. But I was kept far away from them, for unknown reasons.

I also befriended most of the servants, and learned a lot about them through Zhou Mi's gossip. Kim Jonghyun was Kibum's servant (and according to Zhou Mi, he was also his secret boyfriend). I probably became closest to him, his big brown eyes and puppy like manor making it hard not to. Lee Sungmin was a servant who worked under the king ("and he works it for Kyuhyun every fucking night" Mi told me, I could've sworn it was said bitterly). He was nice, and took to calling me his Aegyo Twin because I was "just as adorable as he was". Lee Hyukjae was Donghae's servant, and assigned fiance ("King Lee made sure not to disappoint his son, those two are so in love" for some reason, my heart sunk when Mi said this.). I was reluctant to make friends with him, but eventually I did.  Han Geng was another Chinese servant, he was more of our boss and told us what to do ("He and Officer Siwon have something going on between them, but no one knows what exactly" I was more interested in Officer Siwon, I hadn't seen him since he came to the abandoned cellar. Mi told me he was an officer for the king and I was bound to see him.). After that, Zhou Mi sent me off to work. It was a week of Taemin running away, Kyuhyun treating me like shit, and me trying to try to see my cousins. Of course I didn't, and it simply broke my heart.

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door and I groaned quietly. I looked over at the clock; 8:15 A.M time to get to work. I stretched and got up, starting to get annoyed by the constant knocking. It was either Kyuhyun being a dick or there was a problem, I was honestly hoping for the latter. I opened the door and sighed inwardly when I saw Zhou Mi.

"Henry, Taemin's missing again." I nodded, closing the door. I was already used to the boy's antics, this was just his usual. He'd always run away to escape studying or just to run away because he could. Once I was ready, I left my room and began my search. When Taemin was missing, it was my pass to go to any floor in the palace and I used that to try to get a glance of Chunji and Jiyeon. Sadly, my tries failed because Zhou Mi or Han Geng would be on my tail, making sure I was doing my job. I made my way to the floors where the princes' rooms were and I decided that I'd start with asking Kyuhyun first (might as well get him out of the way). When I reached his room, I foolishly opened the door without knocking (hey, he is my fiance right?) and immediately regretted it when I saw Sungmin bent over the bed and Kyuhyun behind him, pounding into him relentlessly. I stood at the doorway dumbfounded as I watched (and heard) the scene.

"A-ah, Kyuhyun! I'm c-cumm- OH!" Sungmin let out a long moan as he came, Kyuhyun holding his hips and preventing him from falling forward. Kyuhyun let out a low moan and another thrust before collapsing on top of Sungmin. Soon, Kyuhyun lifted his head and caught sight of me, causing his eyes to grow wide.

"Ya! What the hell are you doing here?!" he yelled and I snapped out of my daze, and scrambled to find a possible excuse for standing there and all but watching them have sex. Kyuhyun and Sungmin quickly got up, putting on their clothes.

"T-Taemin ran away again..."

"So that gives you the right to stand there and watch us have sex?! Fucking pervert!" Before Kyuhyun could make his way over to me, Sungmin grabbed his arm.

"Kyu, just calm down. I'm sure he didn't mean it. I'll take care of him." Kyuhyun simply huffed and turned away. Sungmin walked over to me and pulled me out the room.

"How much did you see?"

"Thankfully not a lot..."

"Good, I'm sorry about Kyuhyun. He's a nice guy, really." I looked at Sungmin skeptically and he rubbed my shoulder.

"Trust me, he is. Now you said Taemin's missing right? Shouldn't you go look for him?" I nodded and thanked him before walking down the hallway to continue my search. I knocked on a door, not quite sure who's room it was. When the door opened, I was a bit shocked to see prince Donghae.  He gave me a small smile.

"Taemin ran away again?"

"Yes, your majesty."

"Hm, don't call me that. Just call me Donghae." I nodded.

"Yes, Donghae."

"It's pretty early in the morning, so I doubt Taemin went far. Check the downstairs ballroom, he's probably in there dancing with Hyukjae and a peasant girl named Hyoyeon." I nodded and bowed.

"Thank you Donghae." As I turned to walk away, Donghae called my name. He knows my name? I turned and faced him.

"I know because   you aren't my servant, we can't see much of each other, but you seem pretty nice. Since you're Kyuhyun's fiance, maybe you two can hang out with Hyukjae and I." I rather not spend time with that asshole and watch you and your boyfriend be lovey dovey.

Sure, I'd like that." I gave him a weak smile and he returned it with a full genuine smile. I turned again and made my way downstairs, trying to control how fast my heart was beating.

A/N: The Kibum I'm using here is Key from SHINee ^_^


all those ninja!pairings are ;lkjasdf;lkjasdf arghadsfk;jasdf //incoherencyyy// well placed in your fic plot~ Haha, henry knows why his heart sunk~~ Which makes me think, ever since Eunhyuk was added to SJM, eunhae's been pretty much THE focus. xD Henry is so cute with his crush on hae and slight jealousy too... can't wait for your next update!
I'm glad you liked them ^_^ I was kinda thinking they were too random and confusing. Aaand, I've updated! Weeks later ;_;