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[sticky post] Self Introduction

Hi, so I decided to do a self intro even though I probably get no visitors. But incase I ever do, here's some things about me!

Name: Sciatta but I usually go by Scisci

My Birthday: November 29th. Sagittarius baby!

Race: African American. Literally. My parents are African and I was born in America, so I am actually African American!

Residence: New Jersey~

Links: Tumblr Twitter Asian Fanfics

Fandoms/Ships: So many to list. But here are the ones you'll see me write the most:SNSD, Red Velvet, SHINee, SuJu.

Stuff about my LiveJournal

My Postings -
I usually start a bunch of fanfics and take a million years to update them. Yes, sadly I'm a slow updater. I'm usually full of so many ideas and I start so many stories, and sometimes I don't finish some of them. So if you ever do read my stuff, please be patient with me!

Commenting -
I'd love to get comments from readers, it makes my day better! I understand silent readers though, as I am one of them. So I definitely appreciate them. I appreciate all my readers!

Friends -
I'll add anyone who adds me, and if I have added you outta the blue it's usually because I love your writing ^_^. I don't plan on friend locking my fics either, so no need to worry about that.

So that's pretty much it! I hope you enjoy my journal!
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hi there :)
nice to get to know you, scisci :) i can call you like that now, right? xD
so, you can call me manda, actually amanda, but that sounds too serious ^_^
so first: can i ask why you added me? i mean, you already wrote that it's because you like a fanfic or something....so can i ask which you liked from me or did you just add me without real reason? don't worry, im just curious. i wont delete you from my friends list ^_^
and about what are you writing then?
and what are you reading? everything with hae? xD so what are your fav otp and so on?
Nice to meet you Manda :)
I think it was your TeukChul/83 Line fic that caused me to add you. I usually read fics about the pairing I'm obsessed about, and I'm currently obsessed with the 83 Line xD
And I'm actually not sure. I may just be transferring my stories from my Asian Fanfics account to here, maybe the HenHae fic I'm working on.
And I'm actually reading a lot of JongKey, 83 Line, and SiHae fics. I'm also on a mission to find more YeHae fics too xD
My top OTPs are HenHae, EunHae, 83 Line, HenMin, KyuRy, KyuHae, QMi, and KyuMin. But like I said, I pretty much ship everything and my ship list changes as much as my bias list does xD
I hope to talk to you more! ^_^"
oh, okay xD thx
uhm...ive to ask..do you like hanchul or sichul more? sry for asking but i need to know (lol, actually i dont but who cares anyway? ^^)
okay, but im not sure if ill read it immedaitely because im still in school and im quite busy this year. hate this -.- anyway, cant change it. so i haven't much time to read but eventually, mostly when ive holidays, i take my time to enjoy some fics im curious about and i comment most of the time :)
okay, then i tell you that you need to change your list again: you have to ship sichul now xD alright? ^^
Well, I'm relatively new to the SuJu fandom, so I never really got the chance to see Hanchul interactions, and had to do all my research on YouTube. But I have to say, I do like Sichul better; they're adorable ^_^
And that's fine, I know what you're going through xD If I'm not too lazy, I'll post it today once I clean it up and stuff.
They're actually slowly making their way up to my top OTP list, so no need to worry xD I'm sure after like two more fics, they'll be up there~
perfect i love you~~~ ♥ xDDD
na, but really, that makes me happy. now i like you even more ^_^ i hope it was the truth though xD
anyway, then, okay :D maybe you can write sichul as well then :)
Haha don't worry, it's true xD I only joined the fandom in like July, so I saw more sichul than hanchul. So I definitely enjoy they're interactions more xD
And I may just do that, if I can think of something~ xD
okay :) but maybe its because its the same with me. i came to like suju something like a year ago and so, hankyung was already not there anymore. but i still think sichul is hotter and sweeter and just awww...better anyway xD
okay~ :) thx ^_^
they really are. and the funny thing is, i was looking at pictures of them yesterday and they've made my top otp list xD so yay!
no problem ^_^
wuuuh!! ^^ thats awesome :) hope u'll write about them then :)


Hi (^ _ ^)
I'm Zahra but I go by Shina .
Nice to meet you Scisci
I'm an Elfish and I'm so happy to meet you.
I think we'll be really good friends.